Secondary Care

Hospital Services

We refer patients to specialist services at a wide variety of hospitals, including Derby, Macclesfield and University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

In addition we have access to X-ray at Leek Moorlands Hospital, and physiotherapy and outpatient clinics at Leek, Cheadle and Ashbourne. We try always to recommend the most efficient and reliable service for your problem. Please let us know of your preferences and experiences relating to hospital care.

Choose and Book

The NHS Choose and Book system is now operating well for some specialties and we are using it in the practice. Ideally, we can book an actual appointment date and time for your hospital visit and, currently, Derby hospitals offer the best service for this. Alternatively, we may send or give you a printed sheet with a phone number and reference number, so you can book your own appointment. It is most important that you follow the instructions and book your appointment as soon as possible after you have been referred.

We send the referral letter electronically to the hospital, together with any relevant test results, so all of this will be available when you go to the hospital clinic.

Referrals for Private Health Care

We believe that patients have a right to prompt and efficient care within the NHS and will do our best to help you obtain this. However, if your preference is for referral to a private sector provider, we are happy to do this and to discuss all the options with you.