Minibus and Car Sharing

Moorlands Community Minibus Association

Registered Charity Number 1001977

Chairman: Dr V Cooper

Co-ordination: Dr A Mundy

The Moorlands Community Minibus Association is a registered charity providing essential transport in our rural area for the elderly, the disabled and anyone with no transport. In fact, for some local residents we provide the only transport service.

As an example we take patients to and from the doctors’ surgery, deliver repeat prescriptions to them, transport older people to local community social groups, shopping on a Thursday and to clinical/hospital appointments etc.

Without this transport the quality of life of the villagers would be seriously reduced leaving them isolated. Transport is particularly important for the elderly and those receiving medical attention.

With the reduction in ambulance services for non-emergency cases, services such as ours in our relatively isolated villages become even more vital.

Our volunteer car drivers are available to take people who have no car available to Leek, Stoke-on-Trent , Derby , Congleton, Macclesfield and Crewe for hospital treatments or visiting, either as patients or as visitors, as well as to clinics, shops, banks, where there is no other form of transport.

If you wish to use the minibus or book transport please call 07964 297850.